T M Krishna on Sound and Art / a voice of ones own

It is precisely this thought in Music that can inform what ones does with Photography and Art, in my ‘humble’ opinion. This mastering of the medium and then pushing its limits. Trying to enquire into that “something else” that makes an image linger.

“The fascinating part is that there is soundless thala and sound-filled thala. And in that interaction between the silent and the visual, and the interlaying of the voice and the way it interacts with the sound and the lack of the sound, is where music is really happening.”

And that of course, is what makes the inquiry so valuable. He is looking for, and urging all of us, to settle for nothing less than the “limitless.”“The more diversity of people that are engaged in the art, is it not possible that the art gets more enriched? Is it not possible, that the more we remove these barriers or restrictions and limitations the explorations within the art itself will become more interesting — in the endeavour, in the hope rather, of every human being with a voice of any kind to stay true to that Self which is not about being selfish, which is not about herself or himself or to be in touch with that which is not about themselves, is the beauty of any music.” http://www.musicrux.com/guest-blogs/music-can-show-you-who-you-are

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