The Kochi Box is an unbound book that contains 31 images that Dayanita Singh made in Kerala, including several that were made in various archives across the state. These 31 images are printed on card and placed in a wooden box. The box can then be hung on the wall, turning the book into an exhibition. The front window of the box serves as a frame for the image and back window works as a hanging device.

The images have been selected in a sequence and each is labeled on the back to indicate sequential order (“Kochi Box – 1/31”; “Kochi Box – 2/31”). Since the box will only allow one image to be shown at a time, a total of 31 boxes on the wall will allow for a show of the entire selection. Furthermore, since the book is unbound, the pages are loose and can be shuffled and shown in any sequence. In this way, the book becomes both the work and the exhibition.

Kochi Box is the first publication of Spontaneous Books, New Delhi.

With Spontaneous Books, Singh is able to build books and book-objects as and when the Chance to do so arises, as and when material asks to be gathered together, as and when the opportunity to disseminate the work presents itself and, most significantly, as and when it can be exhibited and sold in the place it was made for, or in.