In conversation with T M Krishna – A voice of ones own

The key for my work is conversation, one of the most memorable conversations I had was with T M Krishna, on stage! at the Hindu Lit fest. Riyaaz, rigour, the process of enquiry, and all that goes into a voice of ones own, which is never a voice of ones own, it is formed by ones larger experiences…..My school of photography would have TMK, P Sainath and Michael Ondaatje. On being a soloist….

Here is the link-

Dayanita Singh and T M Krishna

This photograph is from a book release of FILEROOM. I had only just heard and read TMK and knew there was a long conversation important conversation possible here. So I called Sharan Appa Rao in Chennai and asked if we could do a book release for FILEROOM. She agreed and then I said, might it be possible to ask TMK to release the book. I met him at the book release.