Hello Soloists- Artemis was already there

HELLO fellow SOLOISTS- I was wondering how to start the conversation on being a soloist, a term I started to use when ‘single’ seemed like you had not quite coupled, and I wanted a word that was not connected to coupling and familying anyway. A name for people who preferred to be on their own. Who chose to remain so. Gradually I started to say I was a soloist and the importance of being a soloist in my work, slipping the word into every interview I could (until i discovered the world of the blog) but this is what I just found….and possibly everyone else knew it all the time….. Soloist was decided/demanded long time ago

When Zeus asked Artemis what presents she wanted for her third birthday she responded without hesitation that she wanted six things:

~ to be allowed to live without having to be distracted by love and marriage,
~ a bow and arrow just like her brother’s,
~ a hunting costume and freedom from having to dress up like a lady,
~ the job of bringing light into the world,
~sixty young nymphs to be her companions and to help care for her hunting dogs, and
~all the mountains on the earth to live on.


Artemis seemed to be more comfortable with the companionship of women friends.  Often depicted by artists while hunting or bathing with her band of nymphs, the goddess Artemis valued her freedom and personal space and protected them with ferociousness.

Indeed, those who restricted her freedom, those who tried to thwart her commitment to reaching her goals, or simply invaded her privacy, paid dearly.


In her abject grief, the goddess Artemis turned her dead lover into stars and shot him into the night sky where he remains as the constellation Orion. Never again did she allow herself to become vulnerable to romantic love.