Anna Atkins Prize for Indian male Photographer


The AAPIMP award is announced in the memory of the woman who invented creative photography Anna Atkins. I think we can call her the MOTHER OF PHOTOGRAPHY, the men provided the tools, she made poetry out of them. In 1843 Anna Atkins made (self produced and self published) the first ever book with Photography, using the Cyanotype process to make reproductions of ferns. The book was called Photographs of British Algae and she distributed it privately between 1843 and 1853, adding updates of plates as she went along.She made 13 in total, or 13 copies are what remain. She was a botanist who saw what she could do with Photographic drawing instead of just ‘capturing’ what was put infront of her. She ‘used’ the photography process for a more personal expression. She understood immediately the possibility with dissemination that photography brings and the private ways in which it could be distributed. She even made her title and text pages with this process and towards the end of her edition was stitching the books and making wrappers for them. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have here the  ORIGINAL BOOK ARTIST. producer, editor, publisher,distributor,artist.

She saw that photography was a tool and she needed to do something more with it. Is’nt this what we are talking about now? She had already worked it out.Right at the begining of Photography.


The prize will be for 50,000INR.

Please send in your applications to proposal should consist of a statement on how you feel your ‘Masculinity’ has informed your Photographic vision. 500 – 1000 words. This would be the main criterion for the judging. Along with this please send 10 jpegs of images that you feel further illustrate this ‘Male vision’. Please also send a revealing Selfie.Something that tells me something more than what your face looks like.

Last date for submission 15th November.

The award will be presented on 17th Dec, by Nony Singh, in the Museum Bhavan @KNMA New Delhi.

Age no bar, but strictly for Male photographers and of Indian nationality only.

180 thoughts on “Anna Atkins Prize for Indian male Photographer

  1. We totally love the line, “The proposal should consist of a statement on how you feel your ‘Masculinity’ has informed your Photographic vision.” So reminiscent of awards for women are written up. Brava!

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